Lynne Pugh's Gallery
These high quality Giclee prints are produced in a standard size so that you can frame them yourself.
They will have a 'Cotton white' mount (unless you have requested another colour.)
Please ask if a picture that you would like from the website does not appear here in the print section ~ we will see what we can do! 


Calm in the Storm

Stormy sea

The Darkness shall not overcome it

hands over fire and water.jpg



Lion and Lamb



Mountain sunrise

'You weigh next to nothing, darling!'

'Quit? I'm having trouble getting started!'

'Nothing like a nice bubble bath to relax you.'

'Flowers make me happy!'

'Why can't you just give it to me straight?!'

'My work is always abstract!'

'More wine anyone?'

Fish Chefs are often grumpy'

'Wonder, love and praise '

Barton Stacey Church

Bluebell wood

The bear and cub

Tiger Tiger