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I have always loved painting, drawing and making things. I took art as my main subject with my teaching degree but was told in my final exams that I would 'never be an artist'. Sadly, I soon found that as a wife, mother and schoolteacher I had no time to do what I was obviously no good at and, though I enjoyed creating a home, a garden, classroom displays and making things with my children, I stayed away from painting and drawing.... for over 20 years!
Despite my last job, teaching Art in a middle school, I fought the urge to try myself with the words of that examiner ringing in my head.
 In 2003, after several years battling with M.E. and chronic fatigue I had to leave my job. It was then I began to paint and with that began to recover! I rented a beautiful old Wesleyan chapel as my studio and there began to teach adults some of the art lessons I had worked on with my students, taught some after school art clubs and in between worked on paintings of my own. The more I did the easier it became until one day, when asked what my job was I didn't say I'm a teacher I  said 'I'm an artist!'
At Easter in 2007 I painted during a worship time at Spring Harvest, a Christian holiday attended by thousands each year. It was one of the most exciting and satisfying things I have ever done! I felt as though I had at last started to do what God had planned for me since I picked up my first crayon! I felt alive and purposeful, confident and peaceful with no worry about making mistakes or not being good enough.
The picture 'spoke' to many people and I have returned to that and other large festivals and events as the 'Artist in residence' for many years.
Painting pictures with a message is what I love to do most. I feel my inspiration comes from a loving God but the work can 'speak' to anyone. (have a look in the 'Art with a message' section and see what the pictures say to you.)

 I am now a full time artist running art classes for adults, short courses and art days at my home studio and leading workshops for various groups. I am kept busy with commissions and regularly speak at art and church groups.
Please feel free to contact me if you would like to commission a painting, would like an artist at your event or would like information about classes.




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