Lynne Pugh's Gallery

     'Lynne has always enjoyed creating new fact it is hard to stop her! Sand sculptures on the beach, woven grass and twig sculptures when out for a walk, candle wax sculptures in the resturant! The fact is she is always making something!' 'It is hard to say what medium Lynne prefers...its probably pastel..or Acrylic..or then again it could be watercolour. She uses all of them...and clay, wire and wood!'

Lynne had been the art teacher at Thorngrove School, near Newbury, Berks until July '03 but now she runs classes for adults. She also runs short courses and art days at her studio in Highclere and will also do painting days for individuals.
  Lynne has been the artist for Spring Harvest ( a large Christian gathering that takes over the Butlin's sites in  Minehead and Skegness over Easter) . This, and her work in her home church, Andover Baptist in Hampshire, are probably what she has enjoyed the most over the last couple of years. She is regularly asked to lead workshops for art groups, churches  and clubs and has a variety of commissions in hand at the moment.